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Thermomatic started 2018 with few expectations, but it was surprised throughout the year, company CEO Jéssica Kirsner said. “We have had three consecutive historical records of revenue, with oura ir dehumidifiers, flagship products o four company, with a line that has 18 models.”
Air dehumidifiers are new in the domestic Market, and there is a loto f work to be done. “Our main challenge is to bring the European culture to Brazil, which is alreadyrooted in the population, about the importance of controlling humidity for human health. This will be our main focus of development and investment, “ says Jessica.
Although 2018 was na economically difficult year, Thermomatic registered growth of 41% compared to 2017. The company also welcomed the Strong increase in sales of its products at major clients such as Leroy Merlin and Kalunga.
By 2019, the goal is to keep the same growth of previous years, says the CEO. “We are betting that the new government wil bring greater confidence and stability, so we have better prospects and hope to surpass our own forecasts. We will be launching five more dehumidifiers this year. “The company also Market non-residential, air purifier and ice machines, that provide from 30kg  to 120 kg of the product per day.